Private Christian School in Tampa, FL

Parents who are searching for a private Christian school in Tampa with a focus on a biblical worldview and strong Christian values will find all they need at Tampa Bay Christian Academy. Our Christian Schools of Florida (CSF) and SACS-accredited school accepts students from preschool to 12th grade and offers an education that thoroughly prepares them for this world and the next. With a focus on Transformational Education, our school offers a low student-teacher ratio and a selection of programs that help children of all ages become the Christian leaders we know they can be.

Despite our small size, we are rich in racial, cultural, and socioeconomic diversity. We accept dozens of international students and have numerous bilingual teachers on staff. We are an I-20 school that provides education for students with F1 Visas. Our school is also a proud participant in the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program through Step Up for Students and AAA, which helps low-income families attend private schools like ours. We also work with the McKay and Gardiner Scholarship Programs, which help students with learning disabilities or other diagnosed challenges attend private schools in Tampa, FL to address their learning styles. For students who need a little more of a challenge, we provide the opportunity to take advanced courses and move up based on ability instead of age. We have many students who are working one, two, and even three grade levels ahead. Other programs include:

  • ESE
  • ESL
  • ESOL
  • NLID Therapy
  • Speech Therapy

Why Attend a Private Christian Academy?

In addition to receiving more individualized attention, there is much that your child stands to gain from attending our private Christian academy. The most important aspect is that God's word is taught and incorporated into every subject. Students are given a thorough understanding of the Bible, its teachings, and how to apply them to the world both before and after graduation.

Our Christian private school education in Tampa, Florida is offered at every grade level, from preschool all of the way up to the senior year of high school. Your children never have to worry about transferring and re-acclimating to another school, and they will receive the same Biblical worldview education throughout their academic career.

An Independent Private School with Plenty of Choices

Your child's education does not only happen in the classroom, so it is essential for them to have access to additional learning opportunities. We provide our students with a chance to be involved in a variety of extracurricular and afterschool activities, such as National Honor Societies, Dual Enrollment, Drama Productions, as well as Intramural and FHSAA-sanctioned sports programs. We also offer special interest activities, such as piano lessons, yearbook, and chess club.

Because we are an independent private school, we are not tied to any particular church. Our independence allows us to open our doors to all students, even those from families who do not profess to be Christians. In this way, we serve as many as we can while still keeping class sizes small enough for everyone to succeed.