About Our Christian Private School in Tampa

Teacher and Student

Throughout our history, we have been educating to prepare students for eternity. Founded by a group of church members back in 1957, Tampa Bay Christian Academy started out as Spencer Memorial Baptist School. In 1985, the name was changed to Tampa Baptist Church and Academy, just a year before our high school was started in 1986.

On June 1, 2007, our name was changed again to communicate our mission and diverse student body more effectively. We became incorporated with the state in 2013 and are now managed by our school board. Our tenancy with North Rome Baptist Church is our only church affiliation, and our faith remains as strong as ever. The curriculum we now follow at our Christian private school in Tampa includes both a formal study of the Bible and an integration of its teachings into other subject areas.

About Our Faith

Our faith is based on the belief that there is only one God who exists in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and that the Bible is the authoritative word of God. We believe in transformational education that begins and grows a student's relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ and embraces the two biblical mandates: The Great Commission of Matthew 28 and the Cultural Mandate of Genesis 1. Our curriculum operates within this belief and teaches students to apply it in their daily lives. We are excited to partner with as many Christian families as possible to provide a Christian private school education in Tampa, Florida, for their students. We also believe it is our responsibility to serve our entire community and thus extend admission to families who are not of the faith. We believe our faith encourages us to reach the entire world, and therefore we are proud to be accredited to enroll I-20 visa-holding international students.

We believe our student body reflects what we believe Heaven will look like. No matter where they come from—around the corner or across the globe—we seek to help parents nurture their children into reaching their full potential and becoming independent thinkers and leaders for Christ. There is so much to be gained from attending our private Christian school in Tampa. We are fully accredited by CSF and SACS, which not only accredits all of our academic offerings but, as part of the rigorous accreditation process, also reviews our Biblical integration and Christian principles.

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What Our School Offers

Our programs and environment are safe, culturally diverse, and most importantly, Christ-centered. We work with churches and families to give students a biblical worldview that will help them become leaders after graduation. Our vision is to transform our students, families, staff, and community for Christ by providing a biblical worldview education that glorifies God. Our mission is for our students, families, staff, and community to know Christ as Savior; to serve God "fruitfully" in every endeavor; to live a biblical worldview and to achieve their God-given potential. We wish for our students to develop into well-rounded Christian leaders who help bring the world to Jesus Christ through discipleship and evangelism.