Volleyball Team

Tampa Bay Christian Academy RAMS Student-Athletes participate in order to represent Jesus Christ, and sports are used as a medium to openly express Christlike characteristics. Our goal is to build eternal values in our students while being a testimony of the power of Jesus Christ to everyone we meet through our Christian school athletics in Tampa, FL.

Winning is important, but it is secondary to the Godly principles that our program intends to instill in our student-athletes. Participation is a privilege and not a right, so students must abide by our academy’s rules and standards of academic performance and personal behavior in order to play.

Setting a Positive Example for Private School Athletics

Our coaches strive to represent positive examples for student-athletes while assisting each one with personal development. Each coach trains players to develop spiritually, academically, and physically. We hold our high school sports athletes to high expectations to ensure that they will become positive examples for their fellow classmates and develop into strong leaders in the future. Our student athletics program currently offers the following sports, and we are willing to start any teams in which students wish to participate:

  • Basketball (Boys & Girls)
  • Cheerleading
  • Flag Football
  • Volleyball