Benefits of Preschool Education

prescool children in a classroomMany parents opt to enroll their child in preschool as a foundation for future schooling, and some use it as a form of childcare when both parents work and cannot be around to watch them. What you may not be aware of is that there are many concrete benefits to enrolling your child in preschool.

Prepare Kids for Kindergarten

More than just a traditional daycare service, a preschool provides a mix of learning activities and play that act as a transition period. Instead of being put into an educational environment suddenly at the age of five, they get to experience a taste of what it is like first.

Promote Social Development

Spending time away from their parents can be challenging, but children need to interact with other children and adults to form social skills. At preschool, students learn how to behave in social situations and to develop emotional self-control. They learn to share and to respond to the more structured environment of a school.

Promote Language and Cognitive Skills

The activities your child will engage in at their preschool will expand their vocabularies and language skills and develop problem-solving skills. When fostered early, these skills will continue to improve once your child reaches school age.     

Develop Motor Skills

Preschools provide the opportunity for students to hone their fine-motor skills with activities like running, climbing, and other active games. Skills like hand-eye coordination and balance are more developed in children who attend preschool.

Nurture Curiosity

Preschool teachers nurture your child’s creativity and instill in them a desire to learn about the world around them.

When your child attends our private preschool in Tampa, FL, they are being prepared to go to school and develop into intelligent, creative, and curious young adults.