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Finding the Right School for Your Special Needs Child

Starting school is hard for parents and kids alike, but for the parents of children with autism, Down syndrome, ADHD, or other disabilities, finding the right program can be especially challenging.

If your child has special needs, you likely have many questions about choosing a school that’s right for them. What programs are they eligible for? How do you assess which are right for your child?

Every parent’s aspirations are for their child to have the best education, but this can prove to be challenging when you have a child with special needs. However, with the help of expert counselors, therapists, and teaching staff, your child can excel in school.

Where to Start?

Start by getting in touch with the Department of Special Education to have your child evaluated. A team of experts – including a psychologist, social worker, and teacher – will conduct developmental testing and gather medical history and observations from you and professionals who’ve worked with your child in the past.

Educational Options

Special education schools offer different programs that vary according to the school district. While some programs offer self-contained learning environments where students have classes only with other special needs students, other programs integrate special needs children into mainstream class settings so that every child has the opportunity to interact with other students who do not have disabilities.

At Tampa Bay Christian Academy, we proudly welcome all students. We know that cost can be a factor when additional specialized services are needed for your student, which is why we happily accept McKay scholarships in Tampa. Contact us today to learn more about our programs tailored for special needs students.