Lower School

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Imagine being able to give your children an education that fulfills every one of their academic, personal, and spiritual needs. Tampa Bay Christian Academy offers the ideal solution through our Christian lower school in Tampa, FL. We've taken the elementary school concept and added an extra step, creating a Lower School that serves students from K-6th grade. Where many schools stop at 5th grade and toss the 6th graders into the middle school pond, we keep them in our Lower School to strengthen their academic, character, and spiritual values.

Our K-6 program covers all of the core subjects, and students will also participate in PE, Spanish, and either visual or performing Art! Students also take Bible class every day, which includes Bible lessons and Biblical teachings with ministry opportunities. Class sizes are smaller than they would be at other schools, so your child never has to worry about not receiving extra help.

Private Education Tailored to Fit Students, Not the Curriculum

Like many other private elementary schools, our private K-6th grade Lower School has an abundance of learning opportunities outside of the classroom. These range from weekly chapels and a Bible memory program to field trips, intramurals, choir, and multicultural events. Here at our school, students never stop learning and growing their faith.

Seamless Transitions from Lower School to Upper School

Although our Lower School (elementary school) only goes from private kindergarten to sixth grade, our entire school is K-12. This provides a seamless transition from our Lower School to our Upper School, which includes middle school and high school programs with no worries about your child getting used to a new place.

This is especially important when it comes to your child's academic pace. Starting in kindergarten, our Christian elementary school offers advanced classes so that students’ progress is measured according to their abilities, which means they won’t be held back by their age. We make every effort to ensure that no child is overwhelmed because a class is moving too quickly or bored because it's too slow.

Our Christian Kindergarten Encourages Continuing Excellence

Attending the same school throughout childhood keeps them with teachers and staff who know what they can do, with all of their records in one place. We encourage kids to reach their full potential and reward excellence in every area, even in electives. We have a 100% graduation rate, and our students are completely prepared for college, ministry, or wherever the Lord leads them in the future.

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We Build Future Christian Leaders at Our Private Kindergarten

Children are the future leaders of the Christian faith, a fact our private primary school has revolved around since 1957. We consider children one of God's greatest gifts, and we are accordingly committed to helping their parents guide them toward a life that glorifies Christ. The world needs biblical leaders in a changing society, and we work hard to help our students meet that need. Our school promotes an environment that is loving, safe, and fun. Students and staff alike receive daily practice in treating their neighbors as they themselves would want to be treated.