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Experts say that a quality pre-K and free VPK is instrumental in preparing students to start kindergarten, and our Christian preschool in Tampa, FL, does just that and more. Tampa Bay Christian Academy offers an exceptional, Christian-focused Preschool and free VPK program that serves as an educational alternative to traditional childcare. We employ a curriculum that works with hands-on activities and develops the skills emerging in this age group. Our staff members are creative, friendly, and love what they do.

The extra advantage of a private preschool education is that class sizes are small, and your child receives more attention than would be possible at a larger facility. This enhances the level and depth of the overall education immensely and helps your child build a relationship with teachers. It's also worth noting that a small class size has no negative impact on diversity. We admit children from all walks of life, including many from foreign countries. Our school is also equipped with Special Needs programs and teachers for students with disabilities.

Our Private Preschool is a Start to Lifelong Christian Education

We offer more than just a private preschool. Our foundation for a Christian education and life includes instruction in Christian principles and Bible stories, enabling children to accept Jesus into their lives and hearts at an early age. This promotes good decision-making, critical thinking, respect for others, self-discipline, and a love for one’s neighbor as for oneself.

These lessons will stay with students through elementary school, middle school, high school, and beyond. We integrate the Bible and its word into every program to shape our students into well-rounded Christians. Our VPK students score high on state tests and regularly perform ahead of their peers in our elementary school program, as well as other schools around the state. Some of these programs include:

craft time for the preschoolers

  • Extended Care
  • Library
  • Music
  • Summer Jumpstart

Private Pre-K & VPK Credentials & Enrollment Information

Our private pre-k is licensed by the County Board of Commissioners and Office of Child Care Licensing—which is a division of the Department of Children and Families—and accredited by the Christian Schools of Florida. Our facility is routinely inspected by both the County Office of Child Care Licensing and the state Department of Health, and you're also welcome to take a tour for yourself if you’d like.

In order to enroll your child in our preschool programs, we require that several forms be filled out completely. These include the application and the health forms on immunizations and other medical issues. We also require payment of the registration fee and the first week's tuition. Please don't hesitate to ask about financial aid that may be available through School Readiness and Title 20 programs if necessary.