The Important of Fostering a Christian Worldview in Private Schools

adult and child hands holding a red heartThe thing that separates Tampa Bay Christian Academy from other private schools is that we believe in instilling a biblical worldview in our students. We believe that private school education in Tampa, Florida, is not complete without Christ-centered teaching.

Kids Need More Than Smarts

A good education is vital for achieving success in the future, but book smarts are not the only thing your children need to go far in life. A Christ-centered education teaches children essential life lessons like compassion, patience, and gratitude. Having the right attitude towards life is just as important as your education.

Fostering Future Leaders

Our schools create the leaders of tomorrow. We strive to develop strong, caring leaders by including Christ’s teachings in our private school education. Our children reflect our future, so we must strive to provide them with all the tools they need to be successful leaders.

Well-Rounded Education

A well-rounded education is essential for developing successful adults. Including a biblical worldview in our curriculum means that students receive a fuller, more vibrant education than their peers.

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